Time to go warp speed with 1Gbps in France location!

We are proud to announce our brand new #1Gbps dedicated server lineup, now available in France location! Click here to check it all out 1Gbps brings bandwidth performance to the next level, allowing for a variety of new uses, fleet streamlining and even more. The future of hosting is well within your grasp with PreVPS. Price : $12/monthly  Read More »

18th Feb 2020
PreVPS now now accepting DAI stablecoin

DAI is now available for Coinbase Commerce. You will automatically be able to pay with DAI from existing checkouts.

15th Feb 2020
We have fixed false overdue notices!


We have fixed false overdue notices! This annoying error causes a lot of trouble when you have renewed but still get an overdue notification. From now on, that is fixed.

PreVPS Team

21st Jan 2020
PreVPS supports account credit

Credit allows you to have a prepaid balance on the account. This is useful for allowing deposit funds in advance, as well dealing with overpayments made to invoices and issuing credits in customer service situations.



11th Jan 2020
Choosing A Web Server For Your Business Website

Choosing a web server is often one of the most overlooked decisions when setting up a website. Users often spend time choosing software to run their website such as WordPress or Joomla! as well as whether to use a VPS or dedicated server to host it. However, not as much time is dedicated to which web server software will join the two together. ... Read More »

21st May 2019